Pump Effectively / Paced Bottle Feeding / Back To Work

1 Hr

*Usually lasts about 1 hour

* How to choose a breast pump brand & type that best fits your breastfeeding journey

 *Effective pumping techniques; full breast emptying in lease amount of time possible 

*Breast milk care, storage, and preparation

*Building and maintaining milk supply when exclusively pumping

*Maintaining milk supply when back to work

*Paced bottle feeding to prevent over feeding

*How to choose the right bottle for your baby

*Discuss formula types

*Bottle feeding for care givers (hand out given)

 *Discuss your work hours, commute, and options for where you can pump

*Answer all questions

* Can be done in home, office, or virtual

See FAQs, Convenience fee applies for home visit, book on-line, or call “Just Natural” 

Office or Virtual $80.00

Home Visit $ 110.00

Aetna Clients use code below when booking:


Location & Contact Details

Tel: 951-394-2087
Cancellation Policy: Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours will not be refunded. You can reschedule once at no cost. Appointments cancelled in more than 24 hours of appointment will have a $50 cancellation fee. Again, there will be no cost to reschedule appointment one time.