Office Lactation Consultation

Full Spectrum Feeding Evaluation

Usually last about 1.5 hours for the first visit and 1 hour for follow up visits.  This is a full spectrum visit that includes all aspects of breastfeeding from basic latch techniques to bonding and infant behavior. After this consult you will have the confidence to know that your baby is getting fed well. In some cases, follow up is needed.

Initial Office Visit,  1 to 1.5 hours,  $168

Follow Up Visit, 1 hour, $ 84

This consult includes the following;

* Full history

* focus assessment of mom and baby

* Infant oral exam

* Identify problems. IE, shallow latch, tongue tie, nipple issues

*Adjustment to position and latch; return demonstration as many times              as needed until you feel you can do it on your own.

* Infant weight and weight gain evaluation

* Weighted feed to determine how much milk baby is getting at breast.

* nipple shield initiation, correct usage, or how to discontinue

* Alternate feeding methods;  SNS, finger feeding, paced bottle feeding

* Personalized feeding plan of care

* Infant behavior at breast

* Sleep information for mom and baby

* Recommendations for follow up

* answer questions with in time of visit

* access to our private “chat” feature for future questions

See FAQs, schedule on-line or call Just Natural 

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Location & Contact Details

Tel: 951-394-2087
Cancellation Policy: Appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours will not be refunded. You can reschedule once at no cost. Appointments cancelled in more than 24 hours of appointment will have a 10% cancellation fee. Again, there will be no cost to reschedule appointment one time.